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Bollywood couples:Read the exclusive story about the Bollywood couples in Present rajya Sabha

Bollywood|Bollywood couples in present rajya sabha|

Politics is the most favourite proffession for Bollywood  Clebs after film and television. And today we will try to know that at present who are the Clebs or star couples represents the indian masses in the upper house RajyaSabha. 

Present elected members at RajyaSabha 

At present the total 245 members  are represented in the Rajya Sabha in which 233 are elected by the various political parties of india.And another 12 seats are nominated by the government from the feilds of Arts,social work ,law and sports. And with 82 seats ruling party BJP is leading the RajyaSabha the upper house of  Indian Parliament .

Celebraties present in Rajya Sabha 

1.Rupa Ganguly

In this list the first name is Rupa Ganguly. The actress came in lime light after playing the role of Draupadi in B.R Chopra's Tv serial Mahabharat . After that roopa Ganguly play some memorable roles in bangla cinema and Tv. She is a nominated member of present Rajya from ruling party BJP. 

2.Jaya Bachan

Wife of megastar of Bollywood Shri Amitabh Bachan Jaya Bachan is the  second cleb representing the bollywood in present Rajya Sabha.She has elected by the Samajwadi Party from the state of Uttar Pradesh. Jaya Bachan was known for her role in Zanjeer,Abhimaan and Sholay apposite Amitabh. And it is intreseting to know that at these times she was big star than Amitabh. After these mega movie she got married with Amitabh. 

3.Raj Babbar

Raj babar is known for his performance in movies like Niqah and waris. His pair with samita patil in india cinema is remarkable history . He has elected by Indian National Congress from the state of Uttarakhand. 

So at present no any Bollywood couple is Members of parliament (sansad in hindi) at upper house of Indian Parliament populary known as Rajya Sabha.

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